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Weighing Systems – Load cells for tanks


The Alfa Laval weighing system is designed to integrate with the storage tank legs and offers a high level of accuracy and weight measurement with no impact, ideal for mixing, dosing, leveling, or batch processing tasks.


Patented operating principle

Alfa Laval load cells use a patented capacitive technology, while traditional cells work using a measuring principle based on the strain gauge. Thanks to this technology, the sensor element is not in direct contact with the force and therefore does not suffer displacements nor de-calibrations. This also confers to it a greater overload tolerance, of up to 300%, simplifying its installation and extending its useful life. Another advantage of this arrangement is the sensitivity to forces from all angles, including lateral forces, and it avoids the need for expensive and difficult to install mounting kits. Its main features are:

  • Sturdy and shockproof, it can tolerate up to 300% of overload or lateral load
  • The load cells are made of stainless steel and are hermetically sealed under IP68 standards
  • Hygienic design for food, pharmaceutical and biotechnology facilities
  • Simple and fast mechanical installation, without mounting kits
  • The load cells are precalibrated
  • The calibration of the load cells does not depend on the cable length
  • Simple electrical installation (plug-and-go)
  • Integrated monitoring and detailed diagnostics function of the weighing system
  • The load cells have ATEX zone 1 and 2 certification
  • Cable length of the load cells can be up to 50 m





We offer Tension/Compression Force Sensors

Some of their applications are:

  • For material testing equipment or to measure insertion power
  • For material testing or to measure force in ropes
  • For tension/compression testing equipment, assessment of acting forces
  • For material testing or to measure force in springs
  • For material testing or to monitor insertion presses
  • To control solar wings or to measure force in ropes
  • To monitor insertion presses
  • To measure screw preload
  • To measure the load in spring pulleys
  • To monitor insertion plants, to assess material efforts or to monitor fluid level




We offer different types of sensors according to their function.


  • Rotating Torque Sensors with Slip Ring
  • Static Torque Sensors
  • To verify screw tools
  • To measure reactive torque (e.g. for extruders)
  • Contactless Rotating Torque Sensors
  • Static Torque Sensor/Force Sensor
  • To test screws: screw Head and thread friction torque, preload measurement
  • To optimize the cutting force of drilling wicks
  • To examine the bearing friction of rolling bearings
  • Contactless Rotating Torque Sensor and Force Sensor
  • Dual-Range Contactless Rotating Torque Sensors