Maintenance subscription


We offer Preventive and Corrective Maintenance Contracts for the systems and equipment provided by our company.


Servicio Técnico

These services are performed in the presence of a qualified technician trained abroad to conduct the necessary tasks at the customer’s premises. As appropriate, the contracts include the following:

  • Periodic review of the various control points based on a specially established Check List.
  • Replacement of consumables as often as recommended, UV lamps, Seals and O-rings in electrode holders, Membranes and electrolytes in electrochemical sensors, filter cleaning and / or replacement, etc.
  • Adjustment of the measuring instruments involved.
  • Periodical data and configuration Backup, updating of software versions, file defragmentation, database integrity analysis, etc.

All tasks are recorded on the equipment’s logbook.

Facilities that are under preventive maintenance contract have preferential access to Technical Support, in which an urgent diagnostic visit is guaranteed.

We also offer our customers the possibility of hiring the Remote Diagnosis and Support Service, taking control of the system via the Internet (on equipments that have this option installed), allowing us to monitor the operation of the equipment and analyze their performance.