Liquid Analyzers



Our wide range of solutions covers the pH and ORP measurement of processes for all industries and applications, ensuring maximum reliability and autonomy.


TOC & Microbiological Contamination


Total organic carbon sensors and analyzers provide fast and continuous measurements of organic pollution at a ppb level.




METTLER TOLEDO conductivity meters have been designed for a high process security and a quick and easy installation.


03 / 02 / CO2



Oxygen, dissolved carbon dioxide and ozone high performance measurement systems for various industrial applications: effluents, etc.



Turbidity and Color



Turbidity and color high performance measurement solutions to measure suspended particle concentrations in a wide range of processes.






The near-infrared spectroscopy (NIR) allows measuring various process parameters through the multivariable analysis in the VIS/NIR spectrum.



Na / Si


Effective and reliable pollution control in water treatment and chemical applications of the power generation cycle.





Concentration / Density / Viscosity


For this kind of measurements we offer two types of Aquasant solutions, a company specialized in measuring and control technology and recognized for the innovation and quality of its products.

Interface detector

New line of water analyzers through UV spectroscopy. Measurements in effluents, industrial water, rivers, etc. BOD/COD, Chlorine, Color, Chlorophyll, turbidity, TOC, specific ions (NH4, NH3, PO4, NO2, Al, Fe, SiO2, among others).




Sensor for tank cleaning validation. This sensors are mounted adjacent to the rotating cleaning heads, and memorized pattern strokes waterjets. For any system failure, it detects and allows triggering an alarm.




Corrosion and fouling control


We integrate different turnkey packages that include the necessary measuring instruments, together with the possibility of close ties automatic control, records critical parameters, alarms, transmission of information via the web, etc.


Our flowmeters are designed to meet the requirements of hygienic production environments, as those of the biopharmaceutical, food and beverage or dairy products industries.




Product identification


Product identification by turbidity or color guarantees a minimum product and water wastage in packaging lines.




New line of water analyzers through UV spectroscopy





Level / Pressure

For this type of measurement we use Alfa Laval and Setra equipment, that cover the manufacturing applications of beverages, dairy products, food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.




For this measurement we use Schmidt Haensch iPR B³ refractometers, which continuously measure the refractive index and, therefore, the concentration of a binary or quasi-binary liquid mixture.