We offer solutions

We offer solutions for measurement and control processes, focusing on the provision and integration of instrumentation systems

The company

Our greatest capital

Lies in our multidisciplinary team of professionals, with the proper training and experience to use modern and reliable technologies, working under the most demanding quality standards in the industry

Our company

Innovation and Continuous Improvement

We accept the challenges, whether or seem complicated, looking for innovative ways to overcome them. HITEC, good is never good enough. We are constantly looking to improve in all areas: professional, technical, scientific and human. This is what allows us to continually grow.


Our activity develops globally for years. We can proudly display numerous products that work successfully in different companies and markets in America, Asia and Europe.

All our customers are characterized by their high technological level and demand from their suppliers.


In a dynamic and competitive world, Hitec is distinguished by the deep knowledge of industrial processes and regulatory requirements of its customers, allowing it to offer the most appropriate for each business solutions. Our own R & D allows us to stay on the forefront of technology in all areas of expertise covering our company.

Learning Sensors

Thanks to the built-in intelligence, digital sensors Mettler Toledo quickly learn how a specific process affects their ability to measure over time.

  • Ties always reliable and accurate measurement
  • Easy Diagnosis sensor adapted to interpret and process
  • Longer life thanks to the optimization of the maintenance plan