teLog is a platform for data collection, consolidation and analysis. It allows to record and digitize process information in the cloud. The files are traceable and allow the use of Artificial Intelligence algorithms. With built-in technology for digital certification: Digital Calibration Certificate (DCC) Ready.

Easy to implement

TeLog can communicate analog, digital or OPC UA protocol variables with minimal hardware.
It does not interfere with your systems. With only a teBox (connection unit) and the sensors that your need demands, your data is already being recorded.

teLog can upload and manage data in the cloud, of analog variables from its analyzers of pH, TOC, dissolved O2, vibration, sound, etc.
The platform provides an intuitive application for visualizing your data in numerical form or as historical trend graphs.

It allows you to customize the management of your data, as well as the management of the unit system. The information is available online and in real time from any web browser. The data is accessible, safe and complete, avoiding the discontinuity of data collection. The platform allows access to applications from Business Intelligence and artificial intelligence algorithms. You can configure alarms and status notifications.

teLog is your gateway to digitalization, one step at a time in a continuous advance.