Control systems for pharmaceutical equipment and processes

Control Systems for Pharmaceutical Equipment and Processes

Platform for the Operation, Control, Acquisition and Registration of Data for Pharmaceutical Equipment and Processes

La familia de productos Logic fue especialmente desarrollada teniendo en cuenta la versatilidad y la confiabilidad que requieren los máquinas y equipos utilizados en la producción de fármacos. El hecho que sea una misma plataforma, simplifica superlativamente los esfuerzos de validación y de mantenimiento de los sistemas.

The same Hardware and Software platform allows the automation, control and data recording of the different pharmaceutical production equipment, such as Mixers, Granulators, Fluid Bed Dryers, Coating Pails.

A su vez, los sistemas Logic están disponibles en diferentes plataformas de Hardware, basadas en componentes Siemens o Allen Bradley.

From the most basic features provided by LiteLogic systems to the highest level of technology and the most sophisticated features of AdvanceLogic systems, through the highly cost-effective SoftLogic systems, a member of the family will satisfy your price / performance equation.

Logic systems allow:

  • Manage authorized users and permission levels.
  • Operate the equipment automatically or manually, including the management of equipment alarms.
    or process that may occur.
  • Show the trend graphs of the process variables.
  • Manage production recipes and washing cycles.
  • Generate and manage Operation Reports and Batch Reports.
  • Configure, Maintain and Calibrate the equipment.
  • Advanced Process Control: Multivariable, Fuzzy, Feed-Forward.
  • Determination of End Point of Processes.