Distributed control systems

Distributed control systems

At Hitec we provide solutions in instrumentation and advanced control of equipment and processes;
production log and analysis systems; product inspection, identification and traceability systems; advanced data analytics (Big Data)

We assist our clients in:

  • Feasibility studies and selection of technologies.
  • Preparation of specifications, basic and detailed engineering.
  • Provision, construction, assembly and commissioning and after-sales services of instrumentation, automation, control, monitoring and process recording systems.

For this we have:

  • Experienced, highly committed and technologically up-to-date professionals.
  • Ability to develop software and systems according to the most current technologies of Information Technology, Communications and Instrumentation.
  • Experience in managing complex projects.
  • Business culture based on the permanent search for quality and innovation.

Our specialization:

  • Equipment and systems for batch processes, based on recipes.
  • Reactor automation.
  • Advanced Process Control: Multivariable, Fuzzy, Feed-Forward.
  • Determination of end point of processes.
  • Neutralization and / or pH adjustment systems.
  • In / On / At-Line analytical instrumentation.
  • "Soft-Sensors" based on artificial intelligence.
  • IIoT sensors (Industrial Internet of Things).
  • Monitoring of processes and reactions by NIR / UV / Vis spectrometry.
  • CIP / WIP systems.


  • ATEX 114, en equipos a ser usados en  ambientes clasificados.
  • IEC IN 61508/61511, for applications of integrated safety systems (RA, SIL 1..4, etc.).
  • EN ISO 13849, en seguridad de máquinas (Cat. 1..4).
  • ISA S88, for Batch systems.
  • ISA S95, for tracking & tracing systems and interfaces to MES & ERP systems.
  • GxPin Pharma, Bio and other Regulated Industries.
  • 21CFR Part 11, for the integrity and security of information in regulated industries.
  • ISPE GAMP 5, for the documentation and validation of computerized systems.
  • CE directives, Machine, Low Voltage, EMC & EMI , RoSH.
  • OMAC, machines and open systems (Open Modular Architecture Controls).
  • XML, PMML, Metalanguages for data storage and artificial intelligence.