Instrumentation surveys

Turnkey solutions for process control and services in industrial plants

Keeping the hundreds of instruments present in most industrial plants under control is complex. Many times these instruments do not work properly and give unreliable measurements. If actions are not taken to solve instrumentation problems in time, efficiency and reliability in the processes are lost, safety is compromised, even causing unscheduled shutdowns.

How is that about?

The plant survey of the installed process instruments and the control needs of the process itself is carried out. Advice is provided regarding the equipment and its correct installation, it is determined if they meet the requirements that the process needs and if they are working correctly. Failures are not only detected but their causes are evaluated. Finally, a report is issued that summarizes the functional status of the equipment and the recommendations for improvement and / or deepening of the analysis with the intervention of the Hitec R&D or Engineering department.

Our differential

  • Comprehensive survey of process instruments.
  • Qualified personnel with specific Know How.
  • Specific diagnostic and configuration tools.
  • Analysis of compliance with international regulations and standards.
  • Detailed report with the results and recommendations.


Instrumentation optimization and
process control

Identification and resolution of defects
of installation

Failure detection and its causes

Increases process reliability and avoids unscheduled corrections and shutdowns

Reduces maintenance staff workload
de mantenimiento