Sample conditioning panels

Turnkey solutions for process control and services in industrial plants

We provide comprehensive solutions that include the measurement instrumentation and the necessary system to close an automatic control loop, with recording of critical parameters, activation of alarms and transmission of information to a database or via the web.

Our differential

We not only provide reliable and proven solutions in various facilities, but we also offer commissioning, user training and after-sales service. The quality of the sensors together with the technical capacity of the personnel, guarantees the reliability of the system for a precise and safe process control.

100% integrated

The boards are designed and assembled in our company, integrating the measurement technologies of our represented with the possibility of incorporating visualization systems, autonomous registers, dosing actuators, data transmission via internet or wireless links, visualization software and register reports. tailored.


Conditioning tray shows

Useful for the return of condensates and steam circuits in power plants.

Tower measurement system Cooling

Useful for the control of purges, monitoring and automatic dosing of biocides.

Systems with automatic cleaning

For sensors with air injection, flushing or chemical injection. Its application is valid in effluents, measurements in dirty processes with retractable electrode holders.

CIP Systems

Control and monitoring of chemical concentrations in acid / alkaline stages, control of final rinse point, etc. CIP Check: detection of cleaning efficiency by measuring organic traces.


Purge control, pH equalization, ORP and DO biocides as corrosion inhibitors. Condensate return monitoring, automatic detection of leaks, exchanger pitting, etc.

Effluent plants

PH equalization control, controlled oxygen injection in microbiological treatment, automatic flocculation, control and monitoring of well flow rates, parshall gutter, etc. overload detection at the treatment inlet by BOD / COD measurement.

Dosing systems

Applicable in acidification, neutralization or alkalization processes and in chlorination control.