Our Partners

Our Partners

Our activity is complemented technically and commercially with leading companies that are service providers and / or manufacture production equipment used in the pharmaceutical industry.
We cooperate with them in the development of solutions for special automation or technological services tailored to their needs and their products.

Business Partners


Cronimo S.A. is an Argentine company that since 1963 designs and manufactures equipment for the Pharmaceutical Industry.
It has specialized in the Solids area, integrating the highest technology with an artisan quality in the completion of the equipment, complying with GMP standards.
It offers a complete line of products such as high shear granulators, fluid bed dryers, conical mills and tablet coating systems, from development to high production, as well as other ancillary equipment.
Hitec works firmly together with Cronimo providing automation, control and registration solutions, allowing the machines produced to compete in the international market where excellence and high performance are required, always in accordance with the most modern trends in the pharmaceutical industry.
It has representative offices throughout the Americas and much of Europe and Asia.
Its Fluids Division offers comprehensive solutions to problems of transfer, filling, filtration, etc. through peristaltic pumps, hoses, pipes and sanitary connections.
We invite you to visit it at www.cronimo.com

Blisternova S.A. / Neopackaging

It is an Argentine company specializing in the manufacture of blister machines, under the Neopackaging brand, having as quality standards the norms of the pharmaceutical industry, it also provides equipment for the food, cosmetic and personal care industries.
It is distinguished by a professional and personalized advisory service for the sale, warranty periods and after-sales. All products are manufactured with top quality components having the best price in the market.
Since 2005 it has joined with CRONIMO SA and Hitec SRL to improve its technology and win new markets.
Today it has representative offices covering the entire territory of Central and South America.
We invite you to visit it at www.neo-packaging.com

OEEAsy is a Hitec venture that, in partnership with fellow companies, developed a hardware and software system for measuring the efficiency of production lines and markets it under the SAAS (software as a service) modality.

It is based on a distributed and wireless network of independent sensors that allow quick installation and simple configuration via the web. Once the equipment is installed, you can configure the tags and parameters of the lines using a standard web browser, then use the new data and start making decisions from any phone, tablet or PC or export the data to Excel

We invite you to visit their website: www.oeeasy.com

Hitec collaborates with a company located in the Silicon Valley in the realization of the concept tests of a new product that combines the technologies of "Big Data" and "IoT" (Internet of things) to provide simple solutions to analysis and control of the complex needs of the industrial processes of Biotechnology and Pharma, covering the entire supply chain, from the Research and Development stages to distribution to patients.

We invite you to visit their website: www.aizon.ai


Technology partners


Control, Monitoring and Process Registration Systems based on PLC's, DCS's, HMI's, SCADA's, etc.