Online concentration measurement

Compound concentration measurement for better process control.

The MicroNIRIS sensor uses NIR absorption technology to determine the concentration in liquid, pasty or solid products.

Typical applications include the measurements of moisture, protein, fat, fibers, ash, homogeneity, granulometry, in various products of the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical industries.

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Simple measurement

Optical NIR technology enables very fast response speed without the need for reagents or product waste.

Easy installation

The equipment can be installed directly to the pipeline or process tanks, achieving in-line measurement.


Low maintenance

Thanks to the inclusion of MicroNIR technology, the maintenance required is drastically reduced, unlike equipment that uses incandescent lamps. The heads can be removed without the need to interrupt the process.

Outstanding features

  • Compact IP67 stainless steel MicroNIR sensor (> 40,000 hours of use; 950-1650 nm = 10,526 - 6060 cm-1; input 2.5 x 3.0 mm).
  • Automatic calibration system with push-button sampling and automatic update via USB flash drive.
  • Watertight cabinets, industrial touch screen, salutes 4-20 mA to process.



Stable measurement

The compact size and miniaturized design allow stable measurements even in high temperature processes or in adverse weather conditions, without requiring cooling systems or moving parts.

Suitable for severe process conditions

The sensors have been designed to withstand severe conditions at the point of measurement, using Viton® seals and Sapphire windows.

MicroNir technology also puts the full potential of NIR in our hands with a compact, robust and portable device for field measurements inside and outside the factories.




We work with the best

NIR sensorWavelength950nm - 1.650nm; 10.526 - 6,060cm - 1
Lamp life>40.000 hours
Light ingress dimensions2,5mm x 3,0mm
Sampling distance0-15mm from the window
Dispersion elementLinear variable filter
Detection elementInGaAs photodiode array (128-pixels)
Intervalo pixel-pixel6,2nm
Material316L stainless steel
Housing protectionWater and dust proof (IP67)
Operating temperature0 ° C - 40 ° C (up to 80 ° C with cooler)
Approximate dimensions45mm dia. x 69mm
Measurement CabinetSamplerIlluminated button system
USB portSpectrum extraction and updates
Board protectionWater and dust proof (IP66)
Material304 stainless steel
Approximate dimensions242mm x 200mm x 150mm
Main boardIndustrial touch screen4 "TFT - 65536 colors
AlarmLocal alarm signaling on screen
Local TrendingUp to 4 variables on screen
4-20mA outputs2 outputs (optional expansion)
Output smoothingConfigurable by update
Remote upgradeAvailable via embedded web server
Board protectionWater and dust proof (IP66)
MaterialStainless steel
Approximate dimensions560mm x 400mm x 214mm