Calibration Laboratory

We perform plant and process instrument calibrations, both in our laboratory and at our clients' facilities.

Born as a small division destined to support our own Engineering division and some of our represented, the company today has a modern Metrology Directorate whose main focus is on providing calibration services to the Manufacturing Industry in general and to the Pharmaceutical Industry in particular. Our Metrology Department has a Laboratory dedicated to the calibration of instruments for measuring physical and analytical quantities, managed entirely according to the IRAM-ISO / IEC 17025 standard.

Our laboratory is part of the Network of Laboratories supervised by the INTI according to IRAM-ISO / IEC 17025 registered as Calibration Laboratory No. 69.

In the same sense, prestigious leading companies in their respective segments have honored us with the designation of Official Service Center for the region. This is the case of Mettler Toledo - Thornton (Massachusetts, USA) with its line of analytical measurements online, Particle Measuring Systems (Colorado, USA) for its line of particle counters, and Air Techniques International (Maryland, USA) with its line of photometers for filter integrity tests.

A significant investment in training and infrastructure enables us to provide you with excellent measurement capabilities that are undoubtedly among the best available on the private market.

Our staff, highly qualified and specialized in Metrology, perform calibrations of process and laboratory instruments, both in our facilities as well as in those of our clients.

Characteristics of our services

Our reference standards are regularly calibrated by INTI when possible, by ISO 17025 accredited calibration laboratories and in certain cases by their manufacturers, with special emphasis on keeping traceability to the International Measurement System (SI) as direct as possible.

Our Laboratory is framed within the Supervised Laboratory System of the Argentine Calibration and Measurement Service (SAC) INTI.

This added to more than 30 years in the sector and our procedures based on recognized international standards (ASTM, BS, SIN, USP, among others) guarantee our quality.

The calibration procedures used by our Directorate of Metrology are based on internationally recognized methods and standards and on manufacturers' procedures when they are available.

  • Preparation of the Master Calibration Plan
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Conformity Assessment
  • Recalibration Interval Analysis
  • Emergency Calibration Service

What calibrations do we perform?