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Our Company

Our trajectory of more than 30 years of innovation and continuous improvement is our best guarantee.

Our Company

At Hitec we provide measurement and process control solutions.
We focus on the provision and integration of instrumentation and automation systems for industrial equipment and manufacturing processes.
Our greatest capital resides in our multidisciplinary team of professionals, with adequate training and experience to use modern and reliable technologies, working under the most demanding quality standards in the industry.
Our trajectory of more than 30 years of innovation and continuous improvement is our best guarantee.
Since then, our name has become synonymous with technical excellence and careful customer service.

  • Online instrumentation for the measurement of physical, analytical, optical and microbiological quantities.
  • Automation, Registration and Control Measurement of Process Performance Indicators and Parameters.
  • Identification, Inspection and Traceability.
  • Assays and Calibration
  • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance
  • Qualification of equipment and processes
  • Risk Analysis and Management
  • Process Analytical Technology Consulting
  • Specialized courses and Technical Trainings
  • Feasibility Studies and Selection of Technologies.
  • Preparation of Specifications, Basic and Detail Engineering.
  • Provision, Construction, Assembly and Commissioning and After-Sales Services of Instrumentation, Automation, Control, Monitoring and Process Registration systems based on PLC's, DCS's, SCADA's, HMI's and SCADA's.
  • Our Mision
    We provide technological solutions that add value to production processes from the measurement, analysis and control of their relevant parameters.

  • Our Vision
    To be recognized as a leading team in the development and application of knowledge for the provision of innovative solutions that generate a positive change in society, staying true to our values.

Customer satisfaction:
It is our priority, therefore, we listen to them and focus on solving their needs.

Human and Professional Quality:
At HITEC we are very aware that our success is based on the personal quality and professional capacity of our people. Therefore, we are careful in the selection of our collaborators, we offer them development opportunities and we try to create a motivating work environment in which permanent interaction between all its members is truly enriching.

Integrity, Transparency and Trust:
We are loyal to our company and act ethically in all circumstances of our business. We develop positive and trustworthy relationships with our collaborators, clients and suppliers, always valuing the truth, the common interest and the creation of a long-term relationship.

Innovation and Continuous Improvement: 
We accept challenges, even if they are or seem complicated, seeking to overcome them in innovative ways. At HITEC, good is never good enough. We constantly seek to improve in all areas: professional, technical, scientific and human. This is what allows us to continually grow.

Enthusiasm and Cooperation:
We approach our daily activities with energy and a proactive attitude. We like what we do and we derive great satisfaction from HITEC's achievements. As a work team, we prioritize the needs of the group over the individual ones.

We are partners of two top-level institutions and recognized in our field:

Since 2017 we actively collaborate with the CONIN Foundation, whose objective is to work against child malnutrition.

At Hitec we provide comprehensive solutions that generate a positive impact on our clients and on society.

We are a team of great human and professional quality, vibrant and energetic with creative talent, knowledge of the industry and high quality standards.