Department dedicated to the development, integration and implementation of different technologies for non-invasive measurement in real time.


The R&D department was formally formed at the beginning of 2007, as a continuation of the development and innovation policies that Hitec has implemented since its foundation, more than 20 years ago. Since its inception, the department has been dedicated to basic and applied research on various topics of industrial interest through the use of advanced technology instruments, and the generation of solid links with recognized institutions dedicated to research belonging to the industrial and academic field. .

Currently, the department is mainly focused on the development and implementation of different technologies for non-invasive real-time measurement.


The R&D department works oriented to follow the following mission:

  • Generate new products in response to the needs of our customers.
  • Generate innovative technical capabilities that allow to improve current methods of measurement and control of the quality parameters of production processes.
  • Collaborate with the different internal departments in the development of tools that allow us to offer the best solution to our clients' problems.
  • Promote the transfer of knowledge and technology by linking with companies and academic institutions.

Main Research Lines

  • VIS / NIR spectrometry: On-line and in-line measurements for different variables (humidity, proteins, particle size, fat, and others).
  • Turbidimetry: On-line and in-line measurements for different variables (solids, API concentration, and others).
  • Ozone: On-line and in-line measurements of Ozone dissolved in the liquid and gaseous phase, for the production of ultrapure water and effluents.
  • Process simulation: Development of software for process simulation in different industries (pharmaceutical, effluent, others).

International Publications

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