Another sample of technical excellence from #TEAMHitec

On Wednesday November 25, Cristian Muzzio participated as an exhibitor at the Third Conference on Metrology for Digital Transformation, within the framework of the dissemination conference on technological development and innovation organized by INTI: «An INTI Close».

The event was opened by the President of INTI. The first speaker was Dr. Sascha Eichstädt - Head of Department of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) equivalent to INTI in Germany. He spoke about the metrological challenge that IoT (Internet of Things) represents through the multiplicity of sensors as well as the need to measure the uncertainty in data obtained through Artificial Intelligence.


Dr. Ing. Cristián Muzzio -Cristian for those of us who know him on a daily basis- continued the event by presenting HITEC, our Calibrations department and exposed the key points of Industry 4.0. He introduced the different types of maintenance that exist and the possibilities that the teSensors, the teBox and the Terative platform -the three products developed by Hitec- can bring to the Industry through predictive maintenance. Related to the challenges presented by Dr Sascha, Cristian explained the two projects that are in progress with INTI. The first will develop the ability to calibrate our own vibration sensors including DCCs (Digital Calibration Certificate), which will ensure the reliability and metrological quality of the data used for predictive maintenance by the Terative platform. The second is an investigation that studies the effect of measurement uncertainty in AI algorithms used for predictive maintenance.

Congratulations to Cristian Muzzio for once again demonstrating the technical excellence of #TeamHITEC at this distinguished event and panel of exhibitors.

Posted on 11/26/2021 by María Eugenia Diaz - Hitec S.R.L.