Our flowmeters are designed to meet the demands of different production environments to be used in industries such as biopharmaceutical, food and beverage, as well as heavy industry: chemical and petrochemical and wastewater, among others.

Sanitary Flowmeters

Alfa Laval

El caudalímetro Proces-Data está diseñado para cumplir con las exigencias de los entornos de producción higiénicos para utilizarse en industrias como la biofarmacéutica, la alimentaria, la de las bebidas o la de los productos lácteos.

Unlike conventional electromagnetic flowmeters, Alfa Laval equipment has a square measuring chamber. This allows you to measure along the entire section (the entire wall) and not at a single point in the middle.

Main features:

  •  Suitable for hygienic applications (3A certification).
  • No drops in internal pressure.
  • Robust and compact design - easy to assemble, even in difficult applications.
  • Built not to be affected by variations in the flow profile and the variables that characterize it: speed, density and viscosity
  • Optimized for maximum precision and linearity.
  • All flowmeters are tested on a calibration bench and the error obtained is around ± 0.2%.
  • Turndown of 1: 100. In other words, it accurately measures up to 1% of its nominal flow.
  • Factory preconfigured and ready to install.
  • Bidirectional (can measure flow in both directions).
  • It has no moving parts and is therefore maintenance free.

Non Sanitary Flowmeters


  • Designed for various types of applications, high performance flange connection
  • Diameter DN10-DN2200mm
  • FEP coating (DN10-DN500)
  • Calibration flow range (0.5-10m / s)
  • Protection class IP65 (standard); IP68 (optimized)
  • Lithium battery


  • Low cost and quick installation solution
  • Working temperature: -40 ° C-90 ° C (standard); -40 ° c-160 ° c (optimized)


  • LCD display
  • Tube material: SS304, SS316
  • Diameter DN4-DN200mm


  • LCD display
  • Measurement of liquids, gases and steam
  • Tube material: SS304, SS316
  • Diameter DN15-DN300mm


  • Mass measurement of liquids and gases
  • Diameter DN15-DN200mm
  • Maximum temperature 300 ° c
  • Remote or integrated type

Variable area

  • Analog or digital display
  • Diameter DN15-DN200mm
  • Quick solution for measurement of liquids, gases and steam