Automation in times of Industry 4.0

We see Juan Cruz and Matías in full dissertation in the photo.

Posted on 08/17/2021 by Daiana Dilge

Last Thursday 08/12, Juan Cruz González, Cristian Muzzio and Matías Dalletesse, gave the first of three training sessions in Automation for Industry 4.0 in Safybi.

It is the continuation of the Basic Level Automation course, developed in November 2020, which progressively tends to introduce attendees to the most modern techniques and tools available in the areas of instrumentation and automation engineering, within the Industry 4.0 paradigm and its application in the Pharmaceutical Industry.


The agenda was as follows:

  • Ajuste y Sintonía de Lazos de Control PID
  • Advanced Automatic Control of Processes: Cascade Control, Multivariable, Adaptive, etc.
  • Advanced Physical and Analytical Instrumentation (Optical, Spectroscopic Techniques, etc)
  • Smart Instrumentation. "Smart Sensors"
  • Capture and Record of Data in Real Time.
  • Considerations and Challenges
  • Instantaneous values and trends, Reports,
  • Alarms, Historical, Statistical
  • Centralized control vs distributed control
  • Communications Buses and Field Networks (ASi, HART, FFieldbus, Modbus, Profinet DP / PA, EtherNet / IP, EtherCAT, etc)
  • OPC DA / UA protocol
  • Batch processes (ISA 88, ISA 95)
  • Artificial Vision Systems


Congratulations to all three for the excellent training they provided and, surely, they will provide on the next Thursday of the dissertation that lies ahead!